Manage timed tasks with CloCked

Student’s view

CloCked is a Stud.IP tool devoted to manage individual or group work for students and teachers by working with timed tasks (used to be DoIT).

You start off with the creation of a topic (Actions/+ Create new topic) which you can then add different kinds of tasks to (+ New exercise for this topic). Those include text editing, fill-in-the-blanks-texts, single/multiple choice, and reviews. Some even let you include your own uploaded data. Depending on the settings, the tasks can be worked on individually or in groups.

Teacher’s view

Didactic uses: 

  • Organizing individual and group project tasks
  • Giving peer and teacher’s feedback (+ optional rating system)
  • Flexible time management due to the “Verlängerungsanfragen” option

If you try it in your class, let us know your experience with the tool below as a reply (either in English or German) and rate the didactic value of the tool accordingly.

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