Creating Course Materials

Video or audio recordings of class presentations and lectures

Screencasting: Video capturing your screen

You can record your lectures by capturing the activity on your computer screen (for instance, your slides), which can be accompanied by audio or webcam video narration. Once recorded, you can share screencasts with your students.

Listed below are some software solutions:

  • Opencast Studio: Record your video directly through the browser and download it once you’re done. You do not need to install the software: (click on Einstellungen in the upper right corner to switch the language to English). Click here for a short video tutorial.
  • Opencast Studio Stud.IP integration: Opencast is now integrated within StudIP. You can activate the Opencast plugin in each of your courses on Stud.IP. By clicking on “Video aufnehmen” (“Record a video”), you start recording in your browser. After you are done, you can upload the video(s) directly to Stud.IP. There is no need to download first and then upload them from your computer. Instructions can be found here (in German), or see the video below in English.
  • PowerPoint (Office 365 Education for the University of Oldenburg faculty and staff) has a built-in presentation recording option starting with the version 20, which allows you to record your slide show presentation with audio and video. Click here for detailed instructions.
  • Camtasia (license purchase required):  (click on the world icon in the upper right corner to switch to English).
  • OBS Studio (free open source software): The OBS community has created numerous guides on how to use the software. Check them out here or go directly to a quickstart guide.
  • iMovie (preinstalled software on all Apple devices with at least 32GB of storage – Mac, iPad, iPhone)
  • Keynote (preinstalled software on all Apple devices with at least 32GB of storage – Mac, iPad, iPhone – or available for free download in the App Store). See here for how to add voiceover narration to your presentation. 

Recording your lectures at the University

You can record your lectures with Opencast in University classrooms. Following rooms are equipped for video recording:

A07 0-030 (Hörsaal G)
A11 1-101 (Hörsaal B)
A14 1-101 (Hörsaal 1)
A14 1-102 (Hörsaal 2)
A01 0-006
A01 0-008
W02 1-148
W03 1-156
A04 2-221

Instructions can be found here (in German).  Please contact Media Technology and Production for further assistance.


You can record a podcast (audio only) with the following software:

Once recorded, you can upload your video or audio files to your class on Stud.IP and share them with your students in this way. Your recordings can be uploaded to Files, but you can also integrate them within particular course modules or learning units through Courseware (for more information, see here: Providing Access to Course Materials).

Please consider copyright and fair use laws when teaching online.

Regulations regarding distribution of copyrighted material in the context of teaching in analogue as well as digital form according to Section 60a of German copyright law (UrhG) can be found here (the text will be displayed in the language your Stud.IP is set to). Additional information on Section 60a is available on the E-Learning Academic Network webpage: ELAN e.V. (for English, click on the language switcher in the upper right corner).

Opencast Plugin in Stud.IP: Tutorial