Tests and Assignments

The Vips plugin on Stud.IP enables you to create tests in different formats: filling in the blanks, matching elements to one another, entering free text (short answers/essays), single or multiple choice questions. Students can do these tests directly on Stud.IP.

On this link you will find detailed instructions for using Vips. This document is only available in German. Our team also provides support in English – just reach out to us at edidaktik@uol.de.

The Clocked plugin on Stud.IP can be used to create timed assignments. The plugin allows instructors to give feedback on assignments and/or to facilitate students’ peer feedback. Students can do assignments directly in the text fields or they can upload their own PDFs. Detailed instructions for using Clocked are available in English through the plugin itself—you can access them by clicking on the question mark in the upper right corner.