Design for online learning

This week was all about online and blended learning.
In my facility we are normally using a blended learning design.
Starting with some text-input and an online questionnaire and than a first in-person meeting. In the first meeting the participants get some more information for the topic and they organize themselves into groups for the exam. The meeting is followed up with a online phase where they work in groups on there topic and a presentation. At the end of the course is another in-person meeting where the groups present there results.

Now with the coronavirus still spreading in-person meetings are not possible anymore and everything has to be online. So all our teachers have to switch to an online learning design.

This is still very difficult and many teachers are struggling with technical and didactic issues ore the lac of time to replan everything. We are supporting them as best as we can and it’s very interesting to see the results of the courses.
We try to break the in-person meetings into smaller units and don’t do long online-meeting sessions. Also tools like mentimeter are great to to bring more discussion into the meetings.

What is your experience with online-learning in the current situation?