Digital literacies in the Corona-Pandemic

For me and I think many other participants of the course a lot happened this week.
Last week everything was nearly normal and now I am doing home-office and I’m only leaving my apartment to by groceries.
Everything important is now transferred to the web. Work, hobbies, friends and family. Everything is digital these days while the streets are getting empty.
So for me digital literacies are getting more important than ever.
Two important Questions for me this week:
– How can I get reliable information about the pandemic in Germany?
– How can we help teachers to transfer there blendet-learning courses to completely online-courses?
That also got my thinking about the experiment we did with David White on Friday. We drew the visitor-resident scale and added personal-institutional as the content.
And within a week my image already changed because of the pandemic:

I never used a chat function or webinars for work, but now we have to.
And I think in the following weeks it will change even more towards the resident-site.
So how is this pandemic changing the digital literacies of our society?