We are pleased to indroduce to you our next rOLe model, mathematician Dr. Birte Specht.

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white person with dark hair (mathematician Dr. Birte Specht) standing in front of a painting, wearing a black t-shirt, a silver necklace and two silver rings. She is weraring her hair in a ponytail and is gesturing with her hands while speeking, seemingly giving a lecture.
Working in the field of Mathematics Education at the Institute of Mathematics, University of Oldenburg:
"My field of research is mathematics education, so the teaching and learning of mathematics. I am working on different projects concerning for example argumentation in mathematics, algebraic thinking, professional language in mathematics education, BNE in maths education."
Two questions, question 1: What made you want to go to science? 
Answer: "Early I was fascinated by learning, by gaining knowledge, by research. My father was also a researcher, which certainly helped me to follow this path."
Question 2: Did you meet any barriers during your career as a scientific researcher?
Answer: "Yes, several, but also to some extent difficult to grasp, fuzzy. In any case, the compatibility of family and career was not always easy."
2 Questions. Question 1: In which countries have you been doing research?           
Answer: "In Germany and in cooperation with UK, Australia, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Japan, Korea, United States."
Question 2: Your advice to those who want to get into science: 
Answer: "Go your own way, follow your interests, discuss your ideas with others, be confident, look for people who are good for you and give you expert advice. 
In case people tell you that others are better than you, or that you are too carreer-oriented, don't listen to them."
University Education & short CV: 

1996-1997 Université de Grenoble (France), Studium
1997-2003 Universität Göttingen, Studium
2003-2007 Universität Oldenburg, Promotion
2007-2009 Referendariat Altes Gymnasium Oldenburg
2009-2015 Gymnasium Graf Anton Günther 
2013-2014 Vertretungsprofessur Universität Oldenburg
2015 bis jetzt: Universität Oldenburg, Institut für Mathematik
Question: What is your agenda for the coming month?
Answer: „We advice a reserarch article, collect data for another project, discuss a new project, I have to review Bachelor and Master theses, prepare and give lectures and seminars and do organizational things like planning the following semester.“ 

Next to this question is a portrait picture of Dr. Birte Specht, outside, smiling person, dark-shoulder-length hair flowing in the wind, wearing a black sweater

Text at the end of the slide: „Thank you, Dr. Birte Specht!“