Allgemein Smart Telescope

Oldenburg University Observatory most active telescope in Northern Europe

The University Observatory of Oldenburg achieved to make the most observations of asteroids, comets and Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) in the northern Europe area in 2022. All these observations of all observatories world-wide are collected and used by the MinorPlanetCenter (MPC) of the International Astronomical Union (IAU). In total, the Oldenburg telescopes made 576 observations in this year, which is the most in Northern Germany [1] and Northern Europe [2].

Most of the observations were made with the „Große Hauptteleskop der Oldenburger Sternwarte“ (GHOST), a 40 cm Ritchey-Chrétien-Telescope. It was transformed to a robotic telescope in 2021 for asteroids detection and since then continuously makes observation, when the weather is suitable. The robotic observation pipeline was published in October 2022 and can be accessed here under [3].

If you are interested in the observatory and its telescopes, please feel free to contact us: astrophysik@uol.de

[1] Northern Germany includes: Bremen, Berlin, Hamburg, Schleswig Holstein, Mecklenburg Western Pomerania, Brandenburg and Lower Saxony
[2] Northern Europe includes in this case: Northern Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
[3] https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fspas.2022.895732/full

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